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Things can fall into place
But there's still confusion in your face
It's hard to tell this way
But you don't need to understand
To live another day

There are things above us all
No, your mind follows the fall
It's too far, too odd
No, I'm not talking about a god
Just keep following the flow of your thought

Rising above, not after death
Rising above your very own head
Impossible to many of our kind
Impossible is nothing, or everything?
Life, just another paradox
Filled with endless locks
Without the keys
Without we live, without we have to see
Wake up in surreality

I know we may not go down the drain
Today or tomorrow, but someday we will
We seek the need that we don't need
We drink from the chalice of greed
That we think is the chalice of life
To reach the tops unreached
Only to find new lows reached
Not gained immortality
But mastered immorality
Wake up in surreality


from Spiral of Decay, released September 6, 2012



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Exocosm Finland

Formed in 2010.

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